About Us

Since 1966, the Springfield Mid-America Singers have been wholeheartedly devoted to sharing the beauty of choral music and its profound impact on our lives. United by our shared love for this artform, we endeavor to create moments of profound connection, inspiration, and transcendence through exceptional choral performances.

Our primary objectives revolve around fostering community involvement in choral music and promoting singing as a lifelong pursuit. We believe that music has the power to touch lives and bring people together in ways nothing else can. By encouraging active participation in choral music, we aim to strengthen the bonds within our community and create a sense of togetherness that tears down barriers. Additionally, we cherish the opportunity to use our music as a medium to artistically convey and uplift the human spirit. Our aim is truly to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of our listeners with every performance.

The Springfield Mid-America Singers remain devoted to this noble mission, eagerly looking forward to sharing the timeless gift of choral music with our community for years to come.