SMAS Board and Staff

SMAS 2023-2024 Board Members

Molly Faulkner—President

Judy Hollingsworth—Vice-President

Mary Belle Graham—Secretary

Joy Ward—Treasurer

Dr. Marcia Mahnken—Concert Coordinator

Larry Hall—Publicity Chairman

Dr. Orin Cummings

Janna Hall

Don Potvin

Jennifer Robinett

David Siewert

The board of Springfield Mid-America Singers is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and overall management of the choral organization. Comprised of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, the board plays a crucial role in decision-making, financial planning, and program development. They collaborate closely with the artistic director and administrative staff to set performance schedules and ensure the choir's continued artistic excellence. Additionally, the board actively engages in fundraising efforts to secure financial support for the organization's activities and concerts. By fostering a strong sense of community and commitment to musical excellence, the board of Springfield MidAmerica Singers works tirelessly to promote the joy of choral music and enrich the cultural life of the Springfield community.

Left to Right:  David Siewert, Janna Hall, Joy Ward, Larry Hall, Mary Belle Graham, Orin Cummings, Judy Hollingsworth, Don Potvin, Jennifer Robinett, Molly Faulkner, Marcia Mahnken

from left to right: Kristin, Darlene, Tom, Joshua 

SMAS Staff

Dr. Tom Matrone—Artistic Director

Darlene Matrone—Accompanist

Kristin DeGarmo—Web/Print Designer

Joshua Roberts—Webmaster

The talented and dedicated staff of Springfield Mid-America Singers are passionate advocates of choral music and its profound impact on the community. They work hand in hand with the board, forming a strong collaborative partnership that propels the organization's success. This close collaboration between the staff and the board ensures a unified and purposeful approach towards achieving the choir's goals and enriching the lives of the community through the power of music.